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2011 Vacation Bible School Wrap-up

The Hungry Bear Lodge (Pavilion) was teaming with campers, family, and friends eating ice cream with all the trimmings as the 2011 Son Rock Kids Camp was coming to an end Friday evening, August 12th. Warm memories will remain for the 47 campers along with 49+ camp counselors and staff.

We enjoyed nightly skits, puppet fun, songs, games, creative snacks, set among the cool mountaintop camp created especially for the campers. Each evening we learned about Jesus who Accepts, Protects, Saves, Forgives, and ways we can Live for Jesus!

Our Mission Project, The New Community Project, was spearheaded by Alex Murphy assisted by Kimberly Szabo. Each evening the campers donated their offerings to help preserve the Rain forest. Trees sprouted on the windows of Look Out Point, totals reached $335.00 and are still climbing!

A grand time was had throughout the entire week of camp which would not be possible without the generosity of Green Tree; the congregation, the staff, volunteers, and most of all the families who brought their children to VBS.

Your contributions of money, talents, time, prizes, food items, and props were needed and appreciated to have a successful week!

We will post some photos soon!

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