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Pastor’s Epistle – “Sliding into Home”

As I write this, the Phillies baseball team has made it into the World Series. For baseball fans and for Phillies fans
(especially), this is a very exciting achievement. As sports fans, there are a lot of highs and lows as you follow and remain faithful to your team. As baseball fans, there are some long innings and times when the scoreboard reflecting the “runs” remains at a standstill. At other times, it seems like the bases are loaded and then a homerun is hit, and we see the scoreboard tally off one, two, three crossing into “home”! Then the players “welcome” the players who have crossed “home” with high-fives, special personalized handshakes, leaps into the air, patting each other’s backs and an excited expression of community. It’s as if they are crying out, “Welcome Home!” The fans in the stands respond, as well, with the camaraderie they have with the players and each other.

That is a bit of how our faith walk can be. There are times when we see rapid progress in forward momentum and times when life just looks “ordinary”, when things seem to be a bit at a standstill. These last two months give us the opportunity to celebrate togetherness and gratitude in the Thanksgiving season and wonder and joy at the Christ’s birth.

I encourage you to reflect on how we can value our relationships and consider inviting others to come to meet your family of faith. In the book, “Sacred Pauses: Spiritual Practices for Personal Renewal” by April Yamasaki she reflects on 1 Corinthians 12 and the body image Paul uses when she writes, “For the apostle Paul, the church was a key place for relationships… At its best, the church is a place and people of worship, who care for one another and support one another, who work together and continually expand their body to include others.” You, my family, are a very loving and welcoming people. I felt it from day one when I walked into the doors and was greeted heartily immediately upon entry. It felt like home to me, from day one. It is my prayer that we invite others to meet your family of faith. There is real community here at Green Tree! I pray others find their way “home” and find Green Tree is just the place to be.

With much love and gratitude,
Pastor Kim


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