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Pastor’s Epistle – “Tucked In”

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Psalm 55:22

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

I have a childhood memory of my mom telling me to get ready for bed, and she would be right there to “tuck me in.” I did the same thing for my kids when they were little. I’d kneel beside the bed, tell them
loved them, read a book with them, listen to what was on their minds, and pray with and over each of them. There is something about the cold winter months of January and February that causes me to remember the beauty and love of tucking my kids in and the memory of being tucked in.

I recapture that same feeling of beauty and love each night as I crawl into my bed, settling in under the sheets and soft blankets, and silently “talk” to Jesus about my day: letting Him know what was beautiful, what I really appreciated about the day, who was on my mind and why they are in my thoughts, and sharing my hopes, my loves, my disappointments, my delights. I just spend the time intentionally with Jesus.

It just hit me that this way I go about the end of my day feels like Jesus is “tucking me in” for the night. I share or give to Him all that I need to turn over and then I close my eyes and sleep, resting in peace. I
know that life is not perfect. There are still struggles I’ll face when I awaken the next morning. There is just something about feeling fully settled as the day ends, to know I am not alone. Jesus is in the house with me as I end my day and He’ll be there to greet me when I start the new day. We (Jesus and I) are going through life together. I can rest in that.

I pray you allow Jesus to “tuck you in” each night, too. Your discussion with Him won’t sound like what mine do, but I encourage you to be intentional about having conversations with Him. It’s worth it. I find my days close well and they start better when I allow my mind and heart to greet and connect with the Lord.

~Pastor Kim


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