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Lent and Easter Sermon Series

“Let’s Take a Walk” is the title of Pastor Kim’s sermon series for our Lent and Easter season, beginning Sunday, February 26th. This series will take us on a journey with Jesus giving insight into historical moments in His life. We will walk that same journey as Pastor Kim highlights the calling of His disciples in “Who’s With Me?”; Jesus’ healing powers in “So Much to Do;” the work done in Galilee and authority given to His disciples in “So Little Time;” learning to stay in step with God and His timing, hearing the teachings through parables, and witness Jesus’s walk on water in “Not Everyone Will Understand;” resolving for ourselves that Jesus is the Son of God, with all of God’s power, Who is above any other
“great” human we may know or any other god we may be drawn toward in “Let’s Settle This!;” and the sorrow and agony in the garden and on the cross in “Gardens and Graves” on Maundy Thursday, April 6th. Then, on Easter Sunday, our celebration that the stone has been rolled away and Jesus Christ is Risen in “The Rolling Stones.”


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