Mission Statement

The mission of Green Tree Church of the Brethren is to provide a nurturing environment; to welcome all people of the community in sharing the gospel in Christian love, fellowship, and service, and to achieve faith in God through Christ.
Church Council, January 19, 1992

Core Values


A core value is a thought-pattern, belief, or conviction that motivates behavior. The following core values provide a foundation for the beliefs and convictions of those who make up the Green Tree Church of the Brethren:

1.  Passionate Faith

We value:

  • A commitment to serve God and to follow Jesus Christ
  • The Bible as the inspired word of God
  • Prayer to God
  • Inspirational worship services

2.  Brethren Heritage

We value:

  • Biblical ordinances that stem from our Brethren heritage such as believer’s baptism, the Love Feast service and anointing for healing
  • Service to others
  • Peace and reconciliation

3. The Church as a Body of Believers

We value:

  • A church family that cares for one another
  • A healthy respect for differing viewpoints
  • Relationships of longevity
  • Friendliness and hospitality

4. Practical Witness

We value:

  • The opportunities to share our passionate faith with others.
  • Acts of service to those in our immediate community and to those throughout the world.
  • Acts of justice that help to create God’s kingdom here on earth

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