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Adventures on Promise Island – VBS: 2012

Can you believe June is already here? That means Vacation Bible School is almost here! July will be here before you know it and it will be time to pack up and head on our adventure to Promise Island.
The church will be transformed into an Island filled with things to explore and adventures to encounter. Amid the swaying palm trees, exotic wildlife, and welcoming sunshine, we will experience the powerful unchanging promises of God. We will see Him at work in the lives of people in both the Old and New Testament and realize that God’s promises are for us too! We will discover that God promises to be with us, to care about us, to give us what we need, to save us, and to answer us!
Vacation Bible School takes many hands to bring together each year. We are in need of tour guides and assistants to help lead the children around the island. Whether you are available for one night or all five, we invite you to join our adventure. VBS runs from July 30th to August 3rd 2012. The Sea Side Celebration begins at 6 pm and the adventures will come to end at 8:30pm.
If you are not able to serve as a tour guide, maybe you feel called to help by donating items for our Sandy Dunes Prize Shop or food for the Coconut Café. As VBS quickly approaches, there are supplies that are needed to help us prepare for a fun and exciting week. Here is a list of some of the non-perishable supplies that we are seeking donations of: Tootsie Pops, Starbursts, fruit snacks, Tootsie Rolls, small/mini containers of play dough, stickers, small containers of bubbles, bathroom sized Dixie cups, paper plates, moist hand wipes, and paper towels.
Life is an adventure – Are you ready to go? We hope you can join us at Adventures on Promise Island VBS 2012!
If you have any questions about Adventures on Promise Island or how you can help, please contact any member of the VBS 2012 committee: Kimberly Szabo, Bobbie Mellinger, Pat Leiter, and Desiree Maurer. We hope to see you there!

Vacation Bible School Wrap-up

Palm trees swaying, birds singing, a waterfall, and excited children filled the church for a week of adventures and fun. The church was transformed into a beautiful island for the children to explore and enjoy. Promise Island – a place where children learn the promises from God as they travel, explore, eat, and play.
The first stop of the day was Sea Side Celebrations. The children and teacher’s gathered to see what adventure Taylor and Madi would find themselves in and what stories Kamalei would share. Afterwards, the kids were off to begin their explorations.
One of the stops along the trail was at Project Pointe. Here the children made crafts that tied in to the week. They made bird puppets, butterflies, Life Preserver picture frames, and cards for members at Peter Becker.
Another fun stop was at Coconut Café. Classes met under the Pavilion for creative snacks. These snacks tied into the lessons the children had including a Lazarus pretzel rod wrapped in a tortilla burial cloth and handcuffs made from shoe string licorice and fruit loops.
The next adventure was on to Fun Time Falls. Here the children engaged in various games including an obstacle course and a mummy wrap.
Each evening there was a Bible story that the children engaged in during their lessons. They found a quiet spot on the Island and learned more about God’s Promises for their lives.
Each night the children would learn a new song back at Sea Side Celebrations that tied in with the daily Promise from God. At the end of the week we held a closing program for the families and church members where the children sang all the songs they learned.
At the end of each evening, everyone gathered back in at Sea Side Celebrations to sing the new song of the day, recap the memory verse, and get an update on the week’s service project. At the end of each evening, they children were given a challenge for the next day. Monday evening they were challenged to bring a friend for “Two Times Tuesday”. Next, they were challenged to wear a fun and crazy hat for “Wacky Hat Wednesday”. Then they were each challenged to bring in one non-perishable food item to share with others for “Thankful Thursday”.

Each year, we pick a service project to support. Sometimes these projects are far reaching and help others around the world and sometimes we seek to help those in our own backyard. This year’s service project went to support Phoenixville Area Community Services. We had an inflatable pool over flowing with non-perishable foods to help stock the shelves at PACS. We also received monetary donations to support the work PACS does. We collected $171 for this wonderful organization.
This event could not have happened without the support and aid from this amazing congregation. From teachers and helpers, to the many who donated supplies and decorations. We want to thank you for all of your support to make this wonderful program happen.

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  2. My grandson who is nine-year-old would like to attend your Vacation Bible School this week. Do I need to pre-register him? We know it starts at 6 pm tonight. Is it possible for me to call someone regarding this? Thank you.

    1. No, he can come any night and register there!

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