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Annual Church Yard Sale / Flea Market

Basement cluttered?

Attic stuffed?

Closets bursting at the seams?

Shed packed to the gills?

Car outside instead of in your garage?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to come out and sell your extra things!  If you answered no, then you need to come out and shop for some great and useful items!

Green Tree Church of Brethren is hosting a community yardsale/flea market.  We host this every year.  We sell spaces for $10 each.  You don’t need to be a church member to buy a space and set up.

Save the Date!
Church Yard Sale
Next Flea Market/Yard Sale Date:

June 4, 2022


When: June 4, 2022
8:00am – 2:00pm
Standholders can start setting up after 6:00am
Where: Green Tree Church of the Brethren
1078 Egypt Road, P.O. Box 874
Oaks, Pennsylvania 19456-0874
Who Benefits?: If getting rid of your extra things for some profit isn’t enough incentive for you, the proceeds of the sale go to the Youth.  Every 4 years, there’s a national youth conference for High School Students.  Proceeds help cover travel and conference costs for this trip.
How to Sign up?:


  • The sale is held in the front yard of the church right off Egypt Road.
  • There will be breakfast and lunch items from coffee and doughnuts to sodas, hot dogs, and hamburgers .
  • Andrew will be near the garage & white canopy at the food stand on the day of the sale. Please park in a space and check at the canopy.
    You will be given your space number at that time.
  • All spaces are numbered starting with space 1 closest to the white garage.


Are Tables or Chairs provided?
Tables and chairs are not provided at this time.

Can I put up a Canopy or Tent?
You may put up anything you wish for shade or display in your space as long as it is contained in your space and not in the isle.

Can I request a space in the shade?
Unfortunately we have only a couple spaces that receive any significant shade.  Therefore we can not accommodate requests for shade.

Is there a raindate?
No raindates are set.  We’ve had tremendous success with having no rain in the past.

Can I request a specific spot?
We are not taking any requests for specific spots.

What am I allowed to sell?
You may sell anything legal and appropriate for all ages. No drugs, firearms, explosives, pornography, or other questionable material. You may advertise for local businesses.

Can I keep my car in my space?
All cars must be moved to the back parking lot after you have finished unloading. No cars are allowed on the grass. Please bring a hand truck or similar device if you have a large number of items to move into your space.

Pictures From Previous Sales

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