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Avoiding the Post Christmas Letdown

We’re buzzing through the Christmas season. Depending on what day you read this, it’s either just before Christmas, actually Christmas, or just past Christmas. Soon the celebration will be over. The presents are all unwrapped and the wrapping paper thrown away. the Christmas tree will be thrown out or boxed up again if you have an artificial tree. The Christmas lights and decorations will be gone. We’ll even have new commercials on TV without Santa or Rudolph or lots of elves.

So what lies ahead? Well if you look at it one way, it’s a cold, dark winter. Little sunlight, lots of ice and snow, treacherous roads, weather related illness of all shapes and sizes. Spring seems a long way off and the excitement of Christmas disappears quickly. As further proof of the grim seasons, psychiatrists report that levels of depression rise dramatically in the winter as do the incidences of alcohol abuse. Overall it sounds pretty dark and dismal.

But wait a minute!!! Didn’t those of us who are Christians just get the best news of all? Didn’t God just show us how much he loved by sending His Son into the world to save us and give us the hope of eternal life with Him? Didn’t that just happen? What could be better than that? What could possibly be better than that? Because now we have a future and hope for tomorrow.

That’s really what we celebrated at Christmas, more than exchanging gifts or having parties or even sing carols. We celebrated God loving us so much that He gave us the biggest gift of all – Jesus. Now the winter doesn’t seem as dark any more. The joy is real. All we need to do is remember it, share it and be God’s instrument in making this marvelous joy of Christmas an everyday event. The gift of Christ and His love can make even the darkest winter bright. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Pastor Rod

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