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Beautiful Music

I’m sure that most of you would agree that our music in worship is one of, if not, the strongest segment of our worship services. It is always varied with offerings ranging from classical to contemporary, instrumental to vocal. It ranges from gospel to hymns brought over from Germany and other European countries. The Chancel choir has even sung songs in Latin but whatever it is and wherever it comes from, it is always beautiful.
Our choirs are at the forefront of our musical offerings but all of the choir members would agree that the excellence that you hear on Sunday morning is a direct result of the outstanding talent of their director, our Minister of Music, Kirk Maurer. Not only does Kirk play the organ and piano, as well as other instruments when the arrangements call for it, he writes songs, rewrites choral passages, sings solos, and on occasion sings with ensembles and meshes all our music with the theme of worship for our Sunday morning.
Kirk came to us as organist in 1988 and within a few months became choir director when Bob Morris, his predecessor, moved on from that position. Kirk is approaching thirty years at Green Tree. Wow, that’s beyond good; that’s great!
It’s especially gratifying to Kirk to see the talented musical growth of our choirs. Please remember, this is a volunteer choir. There are no paid voices in either the Chancel Choir or paid ringers in the Handbells. Their devotion and loyalty to the choir is something to behold. Members come great distances to rehearse: Douglassville, Birdsboro, Marmara, NJ (Ocean City) and their commitment is more than gratifying.
The Chancel Choir over the last year or so has grown in number and range of music. There are new members who have added excellent vocal capability and depth to the choir. More difficult numbers have been offered, all with good success. There are talented people singing praises to God and the result is beautiful music.
The choir has grown in skill, confidence and overall quality in the music performed. Augmented by our state-of-the-art sound system, each Sunday can be exciting as we wait with anticipation for what beautiful sounds our choirs will create next.
Committed vocalists, good voices and an outstanding director–it’s a very good combination and I’m sure the results are just as pleasing to heavenly ears as they are to those of us who sit and listen in church on Sunday morning.
By the way, if you can sing, or ring bells, and are not in the choirs, you need to join and help make the beautiful music that adds so much to our worship.
Pastor Rod

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