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Bring a Friend Sunday November 16, 2014

child-20clip-20art-kids3Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We have designated November 16, 2014 as Bring a Friend Sunday for the Green Tree Church of the Brethren. We know that you feel it is important that we share with others the warm fellowship we enjoy in Jesus Christ here at Green Tree.

Persons you might wish to invite would include longtime prospective members, acquaintances, relatives, friends at work, neighbors, social-life-friends, friends at school, community-organization friends, new people in the community, business friends, customers, clients, and persons who have worshipped at Green Tree previously but have drifted away.

Please note that we will have our regular schedule of Sunday activities on November 16: Worship8:30 a.m., Sunday School9:30 a.m., Worship10:45 a.m.

Soon, we will be contacting you personally to secure your commitment to bring a guest and attend the Special Brunch following each worship service on Bring a Friend Sunday.

Remember that the success of this endeavor depends upon everyone’s initiative and dedication.

Peace and Grace,

The Green Team

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