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Commitment Sunday is November 8th

What is Commitment Sunday?
A time to reflect on our giving to God.
A time to address the coming year’s needs. A time to realize the support that is needed
to carry out the work of Jesus.
Why is Commitment Sunday needed?
To help church leadership carry out the
mission of the church.
To use giving as a teaching tool, following
the example of Jesus.
To address budget concerns before they
To fulfill commitments to our community,
our district, and our outreach programs.
When is Commitment Sunday?
On Sunday, November 1st, a sample card will be placed in the bulletin and information regarding the card will be explained.
On November 8th the commitment card will be placed in the bulletin and everyone will be invited to fill the card out during the worship service. The card can then be placed in the offering plate.
In the past few years, we have only had less than half of the congregation turn in cards. If you feel this is a private matter between you & God, consider writing your personal commitment for yourself and put the card in a safe place. Pull the card out sometime in 2016 to see how well you are doing with your giving to the church.
Please pray over our upcoming Commitment Sunday so that the coming year will be a successful one as we continue the work of Jesus.
– The Financial Stewardship Committee

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