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Disaster Relief Baskets

The Witness Commission is collecting items to be included in two baskets that will be donated to be auctioned off at the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction.

The theme of the first basket is “Brethren Cafe”.  We are asking for items that would be used during a coffee break.  Some ideas are: specialty coffees, tea or cocoa, flavored creamers, packaged snack items, Starbucks gift cards, puzzle books, magazines, coffee mugs or maybe even a Keurig coffee maker.

The theme of the second basket is “Family Game Night”.  We are asking for items that might be used during a family game night.  Some ideas are: board games, items needed to play board games, such as: an egg timer or a dictionary, hand held electronic games, games for video game systems, packaged snack foods, or tickets to a sporting event.

These are only suggestions, you may have better ideas than we do.

All items to be donated can be placed in the box under the ledge in the lobby.

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