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District Conference October 4 & 5, 2013

District Conference

October 4 & 5, 2013

District Conference Theme


This year’s conference theme is “Standing on the Promises” with a scriptural basis in Mathew 7: 24-27.  There are many examples of promises from God and Jesus throughout the Bible and many scriptures could be cited as a basis for our theme.  I have chosen these verses from Matthew 7 because Jesus instructs us to put his words into action, to rely on His promises and to be sure our foundations are as solid as a rock.

You will notice that the house built on a rock is all in black and white.  It looks like an idyllic place; wouldn’t you want to spend some time there?  Unfortunately, the world we live in is not all black and white.  Our foundations are often shaken by life’s challenges and our world becomes shades of gray.  Nevertheless we always know we have a solid foundation when we place our trust in the teachings of Jesus.

Moderator – Tom Fritz

Betsy Basom from the Hempfield Congregation created the artwork for the logo.

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