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District Conference Theme – 2015

The theme for the 46th Atlantic Northeast District Conference on October 3 will be Come to the Water based upon Isaiah 55:1-3 and John 4:5-15. When we thirst for God and His righteousness, we will find spiritual strength and sustenance as we drink of the Living Water, Jesus Christ. In Him our spiritual thirst is quenched from the well that will never run dry.

Many in our world today are thirsting after the things of this world only to end up never having their thirst quenched. In Christ we find true meaning and purpose in life. Jesus offers us an abundant life from his life-giving streams of mercy and grace. The symbol of water has additional significance for Brethren through the ordinances of baptism and feet washing.

My goal is that every congregation in our District will be represented at the conference. Each congregation will be invited to bring a container of water which will become part of a basin of water giving rise to a fountain symbolizing our part in joining together to share the Living Water of Christ to a world that is thirsty for salvation.

As conference participants come to the water, they will experience conference business in the context of worship with times of celebration, singing and prayer. I anticipate the conference to be a time of both information and inspiration. I am praying that this gathering will not be just about business but about renewal and revival in the church. Come to the Water and be refreshed for the ministries which bring us together as the Atlantic Northeast District.

Invite others beyond delegates to attend and participate. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.

Bob Kettering, Moderator

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