Love Feast


On Sunday, October 7 we will be celebrating our observance of the Love Feast.
We will maintain our Sunday morning schedule. At 8:30, we will gather in the
sanctuary for our usual early worship service. At 10:45, following Sunday School,
we will assemble in the Multi-Purpose Room for the celebration of the Love Feast.
Love Feast is a simple service which involves the act of feet washing (an act
of servanthood and cleansing), eating together the Fellowship Meal, and partaking
in Bread and Cup Communion. For those who are unable to participate in the
feetwashing portion, the act of hand washing will be provided. To learn more about
the Love Feast, please pick up a copy of the Love Feast Booklet available on the
ledge in the lobby.
Please join us for this significant time in which we share our love and devotion
to one another.