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February Pastor’s Epistle – Our Leader

Many of you know that I interact with the children of the preschool on a daily basis. I greet them when they come into the church each morning. About once a month, I participate with them in a classroom activity. I also interact with them each day as they make their daily rounds to the bathroom.

Last February, the teacher and director of the preschool, Evelyn was talking to them about the importance of President’s Day. In the middle of her session, she pulled out a $5 bill and asked the children whose picture was on that bill. And without hesitation, they unanimously said it was Pastor Dave. Evelyn thought that was a bit strange but my face is thin and angular like President Lincoln’s.  It’s a stretch, but maybe there is somewhat of a likeness. The next day, Evelyn taught the same lesson with the other preschool class, and they came up with the same answer. Who is on the $5 bill? Pastor Dave, of course!

Whether or not I look like President Lincoln is debatable but I think the children’s response goes further than that. Somehow they have learned to associate me as a leader inside the building where they attend preschool. They also know that leaders of our country are on our paper and coin currency. And with their creative minds at work, they made a connection.

Another President’s Day will soon be upon us. It is a day that we set aside to honor the presidents who have served as leaders of our nation. We look up to our leaders and we honor them on this special day. But the leadership of our lives does not end with the President of this country. The true and ultimate leader of our lives and our hearts is Jesus.  Let us honor him in our worship and in our prayers. Just as our paper currency is stamped with the image of a president, let us be sure that the person and divinity of Jesus is stamped on our hearts.


Pastor Dave

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