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February Youth Update

The youth enjoyed a number of holiday activities together during the Christmas season, including a senior high Christmas party and singing with the Joy Singers during the Christmas Eve service. We also had fun setting up the luminaries for that service, and we are very grateful to all of the congregation members who helped out!
After a wonderful holiday season, our youth are now back into a regular schedule again. Aside from our normal Sunday School hour and evening youth group meetings, the youth have been involved in a number of activities this past month. Four senior high youth took a trip up to Camp Swatara for the annual District Winter Retreat, and enjoyed a weekend of spending time with old friends and meeting new friends.
Both the Jr. and Sr. High groups are planning a trip to Hershey on March 30th for a concert by Casting Crowns and Matthew West, two contemporary Christian artists. This trip is open to the congregation, so if there is anyone interested in coming with us, please let Mike or Lori Lantzy know!
Although summer seems a long way off, we have already registered for summer work camps! This summer we have two Jr. High youth and two advisors going to a work camp in Roanoke, Virginia; six Sr. High youth and two advisors attending a work camp in Washington, D.C., and one Sr. High Youth attending a work camp in Los Angeles, California. We are very excited to have so many, and we look forward to the trip!

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