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Go Green Team Go

Wow!! It’s been over eleven years since the Green Team became part of our ministry at Green Tree. Eleven years!! That’s hard to believe, but in eleven years the Green Team poured a lot of energy into our church’s ministry.
We all hear about the Green Team and see some of the work they do, but I thought it might be a good reminder if we reviewed what the Green Team was all about. After all we can forget a lot in eleven years and some of us weren’t even here then.
The Green Team started as an outgrowth of Interim Pastor David Young’s program for Spiritual Renewal. As part of that program, the church needed a team of volunteers to provide ideas and energy for the ongoing spiritual renewal needed in all our churches.
That’s how the team began and we named it the Green Team. What else could we name it — the name is perfect. Initially, the team consisted of fifteen members and right now there are nine members with a lot of support from a group of volunteers who assist with various projects.
So the Green Team acts as a spiritual energy arm of the church. It has focused on two goals for its activity — one, outreach into the community; and two, building bridges within the congregation.
For years the Green Team utilized the “Bread of Life” program where we handed out hundreds of small loaves of bread at “First Friday” events in Phoenixville and Upper Providence Community Day. We are currently offering “Free Car Washes” to the community. The Green Team also sponsors our Movie Day/Nights, our Fall Campfire, “Game Nights” and the concert by Ridgeway Brass Band. The Green Team also has an outreach to the community during the youth sponsored Easter Egg Hunt and Yard Sale.
You can see there’s a lot going on and as the song says “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” there’s a lot more to do — a lot more people to reach; a lot more bridges to build. If you’d like to help, if you’d like to be a part of the Green Team, see Pastor Rod. We can always use an injection of your energy.

Pastor Rod

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