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Going Green

Our name is Green Tree,
We have a Green Team,
It just makes sense to GO GREEN.

Not that long ago, we all brought place settings to pot luck lunches and dinners. Let’s go back to it and let’s do it even more often.
We have a monthly brunch which presents a great opportunity to live up to our name. If we each brought a place setting to the brunch the amount of single serve plastic, paper and styrofoam waste would be extremely reduced. Multiply that by 12 months and we’ve made a dent, if we make it a lifelong commitment we are making a statement. An important statement that will have an impact on our children, our visitors and especially on our planet.
Who knows, maybe Green Tree can start a trend. If we carry our “picnic basket” in our car it will be handy to take to picnics, parties, barbecues and festivals. We can share the news that our church is really dedicated to the stewardship of the planet.

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