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How to Read and Understand the Bible

During the season of Lent, Pastor Dave will offer a class on How to Read and Understand the Bible on four consecutive Wednesday evenings in the Fellowship Hall. The sessions will run from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. and will occur on February 20, February 27, March 6, and March 13. The class will address the following questions: How are we to understand the different voices that ring out in the Bible? Do we read the Bible as a unified whole or do we read biblical passages in isolation of one another? Is it important to understand the literary differences in the Bible such as the difference between a psalm and a parable; or a prophetic oracle and a New Testament letter? How is one to understand and use the different Bible translations that are available? Is there a practical method of interpretation that can easily be applied to Bible passages? What suggestions are available if one wants to read the Bible daily? How does one go about doing that? The goal of this class is to underscore the importance of reading the Bible on a regular basis and to overcome some of the hurdles that people often associate with reading the Bible. If you plan to attend or have any questions, please contact Pastor Dave.

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