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Hurricanes, Tornados and Such

We’re really pretty lucky living in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our weather is quite stable. We’re not up against the shoreline when hurricanes come ashore. We’re not in Kansas or the plains of the Midwest where tornados can level entire communities. We’re not in California or Alaska where earthquakes strike fairly regularly and they’re praying that the big one doesn’t come.

Ok, we do have some bad thunderstorms and we’ve seen the Schuylkill go over its banks on occasion. Yes, in years past we’ve had some hurricane damage – Carol and Hazel a while ago and more recently Sandy and we’ve had a minor twister, but overall we’ve been spared the worst.

Well, as we all know, that is not the case for the rest of the country. People in Texas and Florida are in need and those of us who have been spared can help . We’re very fortunate that our church, the Church of the Brethren, has been responding for years to nature’s disasters. Our Disaster Relief Fund provides money, the Disaster Relief Teams provide workers and the Children’s Disaster Relief Network provides desperately needed child care. As a result of this month’s storms, the Relief Fund has already sent a large allocation to agencies on site. Disaster Relief Teams are already in route and the Children’s Teams were ready and on location prior to the hurricane’s first blows.

It’s ironic that these disasters took place at the same time we rally together at our District’s Disaster Relief Auction on September 22-23. Attending and supporting the Auction is one way to help. If you can’t attend the Auction though, you can give to the relief fund. Those donations will  help our denomination’s  relief effort. Any check sent to Green Tree and designated for Disaster Relief will be sent to Brethren Disaster Ministries.  We all can help. We are God’s people and we are called to help those in need any way we can. Our church is already in action. Our support really does make a difference. It’s our way of  sharing God’s  blessings with the victims of  disasters.

Pastor Rod

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