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Interview with a Miracle – Part 2

This is the second in a two-part
interview with Karen Wolfe about her long
and difficult, yet miraculous, journey to a
successful lung transplant and new life. If
you haven’t read the first installment, please
grab your September Greeter to catch up.
Here then is the second installment which
picks-up as Karen waits and waits and waits.
Q: Would you describe your prayers and
conversations with God?
R: I simply thanked him for breath and I
still do. I asked him to keep me strong till I
got the operation. I never said “why me”
because I knew my life was in his hands. I
simply can’t imagine going through this
experience and not having faith in God.
Q: Did you feel depressed as time wore on?
R: No, I didn’t feel depressed. It was going
to be okay either way. Either I would get the
transplant and it would work or I would go
to heaven.
Q: What was your reaction when the news
came that the right lung was on the way?
R: Oh. I said yes right away. They told me it
was a great match and the doctors were
happy with the prospects. I was almost
surprised after all that, that it was actually
happening. My family all came in right
away before the surgery. I also wanted to
talk to the doctors to tell them God was
guiding them.
Q: I’ve been amazed by your faithfulness
and dependence on God, did you get support
from others on your journey?
R:. Actually, the whole of Temple
University claimed me as part of their
family – that goes from Robert, the meal
boy, to all the nurses, to the head of the lung
transplant program, that’s on top of all my
family, friends, and church family.
Q: Some of us consider your journey a
miracle, would you agree?
R:.Oh yes! I know it’s all the prayers,
prayers from so many. I could feel those
prayers. They kept me calm and I know they
kept me from getting depressed. I’m sure
this illness has actually brought me closer to
This is the end of our interview with
Karen, but you will be able to see her and
talk to her as soon as she gets clearance to
come to church. In fact, Karen will be
speaking to us some Sunday about her
experience as part of worship. We look
forward to that as she shares with us
personally about her miracle.
Pastor Rod

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