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Looking for Children’s Books?

For children of all ages, reading (or being read to) is an activity that should be encouraged, and where better to find the perfect selection of books than our very own church library!
You can borrow a large variety of children’s books, including some literature classics such as Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, both by E.B. White. Both of these books, among a number of others available in the Green Tree’s library, are written on approximately a third grade reading level and are wonderful stories.
You can also find books for younger children in the children’s literature shelves on a variety of topics. Some books, such as My Best Friend Moved Away by Joy Zelonky and Why Do I Do Things Wrong by Carolyn Nystrom focus on questions or concerns that children might have and ways of handling their emotions. There are also enjoyable stories, all with biblical truths and morals, such as the book Beatrice’s Goat by Page McBrier about a young girl who receives a goat through the Heifer Project. Finally, there are many children’s books available that recount Bible stories, such as Whale of a Story by Buddy Davis, which is a retelling of the story of Jonah.
Whether you are looking for reading materials for your own child or you are looking for books to read to your children’s Sunday School class or Children’s Church, you can find these titles and many others in our church library.

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