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Marriage Encounter? Not Us!

Bet you can give us reasons why you can’t or won’t go. . .  We have 10 reasons why you could be blessed if you do go to a marriage encounter.

  1. You get a weekend away
  2. It can be a special gift to your spouse
  3. It will enrich your relationship
  4. It will help you to understand and to be understood
  5. It can help you through tough times
  6. It enhances your family life
  7. It will encourage your couple relationship with God
  8. It will bring more zest, joy and passion to your relationship
  9. It will facilitate deeper intimacy
  10. It will help your relationship return to an upbeat path more quickly.

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Attending the updated Mennonite & Brethren Marriage Encounter, Oct 21-23 at Kenbrook Retreat, Lebanon, PA will give you the opportunity to focus on your spouse and learn how to love, listen, and share more deeply than ever before.  Married couples of all ages and faiths are welcome.

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