New Community Project 2012 Learning Tours

New Community Project 2012 Learning Tours

Posted by andrew on September 22, 2011

Encounter amazing people and places while exploring the challenges they face—join an NCP Learning Tour!

  • Nepal January 5-17  Leaders: Monita Rai, David Radcliff  ($1050/$950-student—plus air fare)

Poverty and beauty in the shadow of the Himalaya; Hindu culture; one-day trek; focus on women’s empowerment

  • Harrisonburg, VA April 19-23  Leaders: Tom Benevento, Aaron Johnston ($300/$250)

Visit our Sustainable Living Homestead and learn about permaculture, organic gardening, greenhouse construction, energy efficiency and more

  • Ecuadorian Amazon June 13-22  Leaders: Delio, David Radcliff ($1150/$1075)

Explore the rainforest—pink dolphins, monkeys, toucans—and the threats to it, guided by Siona leader Delio

  • Guatemala or Dominican Republic (determined by 12/11) July 12-21  Leader: Tom Benevento ($675/$600)

Experience communities filled with gracious but impoverished people; learn why they are poor

  • Denali/Kenai Fjords, Alaska August 2-9  Leaders: Daniel and David Radcliff  ($850/$750)

Mt. McKinley, moose, bears, dall sheep in Denali; whales, orcas, puffins, glaciers at Kenai

  • Arctic Village, Alaska August 9-17  Leaders: Charlie Swaney, David Radcliff ($875)

Learn about Gwich’in native culture in sight of the Brooks Range; camp and hike in Arctic National Wildlife Range

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