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New Library Books – Check Them Out!

We have some new books in the
library – please check them out!
Don’t Write My Obituary Just Yet:
Inspiring Faith Stories for Older Adults by
Missy Buchanon
30 inspiring stories sharing wisdom and
hope with readers
The Rescue by Jim Cymbala and Ann
The Rescue tells the powerful, true
stories of men and women whose lives
should have ended badly but miraculously
didn’t. Something unexpected happens to
each of them and their incredible stories will
take the reader by surprise and restore hope.
The Gospel According to Star Wars: Faith,
Hope and the Force by John McDowell
“Star Wars” is one of the most beloved
movie series of all time, and in this book,
John McDowell explores the many spiritual
themes that weave throughout the (first) six
films. From the Force to the dark side, the
issues discussed in the films have a moral
and spiritual complexity that can help us
better understand our place in the world and
our relation to others and to God.
Love Undocumented: Risking Trust in a
Fearful World by Sarah Quezada
Will you beware or be welcoming? As
a young Christian, Sarah Quezada had a
heart for social justice. She was also
blissfully unaware of the real situations
facing today’s immigrants. Until she met
someone new . . . who happened to be
undocumented. In Love Undocumented,
Quezada takes readers on a journey deep
into the world of the U.S. Immigration
system. Follow her as she walks alongside
her new friend, meets with lawyers, stands
at the US-Mexico border, and
visits immigrants in detention centers. With
wisdom from Scripture, research, and these
experiences, Quezada explores God’s call to
welcome the stranger and invites Christians
to consider how to live faithfully in the
world of closed doors and high fences.
Peaceful Neighbor: Discovering the
Countercultural Mister Rogers by Michael
Fred Rogers was one of the most radical
pacifists of contemporary history. Yet,
we have restricted Fred Rogers to the realm
of entertainment, children, and feelings, and
we’ve taken him out of his political and
religious context. Rogers was an ordained
Presbyterian minister, and although he rarely
shared his religious convictions on his
program, he fervently believed in a God who
accepts us as we are and who desires a
world marked by peace and wholeness.
Fred Rogers used his children’s program as
a platform for sharing countercultural beliefs
about caring for one another, animals and
the earth.
And for serious Bible study, we have 4
new volumes of the Believer’s Bible
Commentaries: First Corinthians, Second
Corinthians, Galatians, and Exodus.

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