Paper Retriever Recycling Bin at Green Tree

Paper retriever bin oaks paThe Paper Retriever Recycling Dumpster has been delivered to the front parking lot of Green Tree church in Oaks, PA! Help support the church while getting rid of your old, unwanted papers. The bin can be seen from Egypt road, and can be driven up to by coming into the church from Egypt Road then turning right at the first parking lot.

Good news, the paper recycling is now paying a monthly incentive again. They now accept paper, phone directories, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, envelopes, cards and clean cardboard. Spread the word, the more we recycle the more the payment per ton goes up.

What is Accepted

  • Newspaper and Advertising Inserts
  • Magazines/catalogs
  • Office/School papers
  • Direct Mail
  • Old paperback books

What is NOT Accepted

boyscout putting paper in bin in OaksUnfortunately, there are a bunch of things they don’t accept in these bins. I know you’d like to throw out those unused phone books, but they just aren’t accepted.

  • No Wood
  • No food boxes, fiberboard or chipboard
  • No textbooks or hard cover book

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