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Pastor’s Epistle – December 2011

An Alarming Christmas

On our way to Annual Conference this summer, Pat and I stopped at a rest area in Ohio. As we were returning to our car, another car’s alarm was going off. I assume that it was set off accidentally and that the person with the key was in the restroom. The alarm kept going and going.

A bunch of us were standing by our cars, looking around to see whose car it was. And then all of a sudden, someone intentionally set off their car alarm. So you had two car alarms going off. Then a third set theirs off. Then I set off ours and then a fifth and then a sixth. You had all of these car alarms going off at the same time with different tones. It was a cacophony of car alarms. People were walking by, looking and smiling. Eventually we all had our fun and one by one we turned our alarms off and got back on the highway.

As I think about entering the Advent Season once again, I wonder what it will take for us to set off our alarms as we celebrate Christ’s birth. What can we do this Christmas that will make us smile? What can we do that is simply fun? What can we do to make noise and to proclaim our faith with zest and cheer? How can we celebrate with others in a collaborative effort? How can we celebrate in such a way that others will notice with a smile and think to themselves, “Yeah, that’s the way to do it!”?

I don’t intend for this to be a profound Christmas message. Pat and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. May you experience the joy of Christ in your hearts and the love of God in your souls. May you celebrate in a way that makes you happy and at the same time professes your faith. And by all means have a wonderful and an alarming Christmas.

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