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Pastor’s Epistle – April 2015


Some of you know that last Spring I injured my back with a pulled muscle on the lower right side. I tried to treat it with rest but it simply would not heal and over time it got worse. So I visited a chiropractor. At first, I was in the office three days a week, then two days weekly, then once a week and now I am down to a treatment once a month or every six weeks. And without a doubt, healing has taken place. My back is much stronger and healthier and I hope to do a number of things this Spring and Summer that I was unable to do last year because of an injured back.

As Easter emerges upon us, it is important to remember that the death and resurrection of Christ gives healing to the world from brokenness and sin. Each year we celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. But Easter is also a reminder that the cross provides a healing aspect to all of us. It gives us new life when we are down and out. It fills us up when we are spiritually depleted. It paves the way to a healthy relationship between us and God. The cross tells us that Jesus died a painful death but we also know we can’t get to the empty tomb without the cross. The cross along with the empty tomb symbolizes wholeness, new life, and healing.

Have a Happy and Healing and Healthy Easter everyone!!





Pastor Dave

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