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Pastor’s Epistle – Commitment


If you have been paying attention to the financial statistics in the weekly bulletin and the Church Board highlights in the newsletter, you know that for some time now our offerings have fallen short of our expenses. If this does not turn around, then we will get to a point where supporting the ministry of the church will become more and more difficult.
On page 5 of this newsletter, the Financial Stewardship Committee has an article about Commitment Sunday and the importance of filling out the commitment cards which indicate what our pledge will be for next year. The whys, whens, and hows are explained very well in the article. The hope and prayer is that everyone will make an intentional effort to assess their financial situation and make a suitable pledge to the mission and ministry of the church.
As I mentioned in the sermon on October 11, we find it difficult to talk about our finances with others. What we do with our possessions and finances is private and personal. But God cares very much about what we do with our money and our resources. Sharing and giving are central concepts in scripture. Let us all take some time in the next week or so to think about, reflect upon, and pray about what God is calling us to share with the church.

Pastor Dave

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