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Pastor’s Epistle – December 2013

It’s Not a Secret

Some of you know that I am on the Board of Directors of the Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center (SVMC). At our Fall meeting, the Executive Director Donna Rhodes said that sometimes she hears that the SVMC is the best kept secret in this area. Some people are suggesting that we need to do more publicity so people know about the organization.
I often think that the Green Tree Church of the Brethren is a well kept secret from the people in the Oaks/Phoenixville/Collegeville/Audubon area. We don’t mean to keep our church a secret but because our church is no longer the center of the community like it once was in past years, we are not as visible and well-known in the community. Why don’t more people hear about us?
The fact is we have plenty to offer. We now have a preschool program that is up and running. The Green Team is developing the building bridges program which is bringing us closer together as a congregation and will be helpful as we plug in newcomers when they show interest in the church. Our building continues to be used in a big way by outside groups and we now have a digital sign that gives us more visibility on Egypt Road. So in some ways, we are working hard at trying to change the fact that we are a well-kept secret and we are working hard so more people in the area will know about us.
As we enter the Advent Season this year, it is important that Jesus not be a secret either. Yes, sometimes we acknowledge that Jesus gets lost among the many other things we tend to focus on around the Christmas season. And we have to be careful that we center our priorities on what really matters. And what really matters at this time of year is how the birth of Christ impacts each and every one of us. If we are able to center our energies on the importance of Christ’s birth, then will Jesus be a well-kept secret? Indeed not!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Pastor Dave

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