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Pastor’s Epistle – July 2015

The Missing Epistle

For a number of years now, the pastor at Green Tree has included a piece in the Greeter under the title, Pastor’s Epistle. This is an opportunity for your pastor to share some words of meaning or devotion or even a challenge. Some of you have commented on the Pastor’s Epistles that I have written and I have appreciated such comments. Last month, I received permission from the editor of the Greeter (Mary R.) to test the waters a bit. I intentionally decided not to include a Pastor’s Epistle for the June Greeter. I was curious to see if we would receive any feedback. We have not. I could make several conclusions. Perhaps no one noticed or perhaps a number of you noticed and chose not to say anything. Maybe some of you noticed and thought I was just being lazy. I took the time to run it by a person or two. They noticed but figured I was overwhelmed with other things. It was no big deal. So perhaps many of you fall in that category as well. Maybe you noticed but instead of giving me a hard time, you gave me the benefit of the doubt. Rest assured, I will continue to compose writings for the Pastor’s Epistle section of the Greeter but I also appreciate your willingness to be kind, flexible and to not allow little things to get you bent out of shape.

This whole experiment reminds me of the importance of giving each other the benefit of the doubt. When something happens that we don’t like or agree with, instead of jumping to conclusions or rushing to judgment or being highly critical, let’s make an effort to give each other the benefit of the doubt. What this boils down to is simple kindness. At least once a month, Pat tells me it’s all about kindness. It’s about being kind to one another. She’s right.  We need to be kind to our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, the people we worship with, and even those we don’t know very well. Jesus taught us to be kind and caring to each other. He taught us to show compassion to others.

Let me conclude by sharing that Pat and I greatly appreciate your incredible support as we dealt with a recent family crisis. Your love and kindness means a great deal to us. So let’s continue to love and care and support one another. And as we travel together on the journey of faith, let us remember to give each other the benefit of the doubt.



Pastor Dave


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