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Pastor’s Epistle – Love and Grace

In Philip Yancey’s book, What’s So Amazing about Grace, he shares the following quote: “Grace means there is nothing I can do to make God love me more and nothing I can do to make God love me less. It means that I, even I who deserve the opposite, am invited to take my place at the table in God’s family.”
In a sense Yancey is saying God’s love boils down to grace. It’s a love where there are no strings attached. God loves us fully and completely. We can’t do this or that to make God love us more and when we sin or do things God would not have us to, he won’t love us any less either. So we are all blessed to be surrounded by God’s love and grace. What a blessing! What a gift!
And if we are the recipients of God’s grace, then we would do well to extend grace to others. As my time as your pastor comes closer to an end, I am constantly reminded of the grace you have extended to me as your spiritual leader. I have made blunders and mistakes along the way and you have graciously surrounded me with your love. As I have extended pastoral care to many of you during the last ten years, you too have expressed interest in my well-being. As I have been involved in the milestones and ritual passages of life in your lives, you have supported me in mine as well. And when we have had to challenge one another, we have been able to do it with grace at the forefront.
I believe Yancey is right, it all boils down to grace. As you constantly experience God’s grace, I pray that you will continue to express grace and love to one another because that it what the Christian journey is all about. We are filled to overflowing with love and grace as we find ourselves at God’s table.

Pastor Dave

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