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Pastor’s Epistle – May 2013

Pastor’s Epistle


Heard but not Seen


We have woodpeckers that frequent the trees on the church property and the trees on the lot where Pat and I live. When I hear the sound of a woodpecker, I often drop what I am doing and try to find it in action. I get out the field glasses and go searching. Sometimes I get lucky and I am able to locate the bird, but many times I search and search and cannot find it. It keeps pecking away no matter how hard I try to find it. Eventually I give up and go back to whatever it was I was doing, but I enjoy the sound of the woodpecker for as long as it continues.

Working in the church can be like a woodpecker. Sometimes we work in the distance and behind the scenes hoping our work will be beneficial but not overly obvious. Perhaps one of the keys to ministry is to simply keep pecking away. And if we choose a tree that does not feel right we can move onto the next tree until we find a place where our pecking can be fruitful and enjoyed.

As the warmer weather takes us into the summer months, I will keep an ear out for that unique sound of bird beak on wood. When I hear it, I will make an effort to try to locate the cryptic critter. I may not always see the bird in action, but hearing it gives me pleasure. As you continue to serve the church, remember that others may not always see what you are doing, but keep plugging away so others will enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Pastor Dave

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