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Pastor’s Epistle May 2014 God is Alive

Pat and I recently saw the movie God’s Not Dead. Although we were disappointed in the way the movie vilified non-believers, we felt the primary premise of the movie, God is not dead, was right on target. God is very much alive in our world today. We don’t always see or feel God’s presence among us. We are not always open to such presence. And we don’t always want to hear what God has to tell us. But, we believe with whole hearted faithfulness that God is indeed working in our lives.
And then of course there is always that fuzzy line between the free will that God has given us and how God interacts with us. This notion was present in the movie as well. One of the major characters was a non-believer and when he was challenged with his atheism, he confessed that he was mad at God. He then had to struggle with the following question: How could he be mad at something that in his mind did not exist?
The question is not whether or not God is dead. Instead we should ask how is God working in our lives? Can you see it? Can you feel it? As we move into the Spring and Summer seasons of this year, we will see abundant signs of new life bursting around us. Let us also be mindful of the new life that God is providing in our lives as well. God’s life, love, and grace empowers us to live a life of service to him and to others. And when we do so, we will hopefully be moved to articulate God’s presence in a more positive fashion. Instead of saying that God’s not dead, let us proclaim that God is Alive!

Pastor Dave

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