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Pastor’s Epistle – May 2015


In early April, Pat and I put up a bluebird house hoping a family of bluebirds would build their spring nest there. We put the bird house at the right height and we had it facing east.  At first there was hope as we saw a bluebird sit on top of the house for about ten minutes. But as far as we could tell, the bluebird never came back. Not long after that, a family of black capped chickadees took interest in the house and they are currently building a nest in it. On the one hand, Pat and I hoped and expected that a bluebird family would make a home in that bird house. On the other hand we are pleased that it isn’t sitting empty and we enjoy watching the black capped chickadees go in and out of the bird house as they build their nest.

In one sense this is a story about expectations. We embarked on the bluebird project with the expectation that a family of bluebirds would nest there. But instead another species of birds is living there. And that’s okay. As we go through life, we have certain hopes and expectations. Some of them pan out and others do not. What about the expectations that don’t pan out to our wishes? Sometimes it is a huge disappointment; and other times, the unmet expectations turn into other opportunities that may be even better than the original expectations that we had. Our hope is to trust in God that as we make plans and develop certain expectations, that He will walk with us and guide us along the path, especially when it takes unexpected turns and goes in directions we hadn’t planned for or thought of in the first place. May our prayer be that God will lead us wherever our faith journey takes us.




Pastor Dave

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