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Pastor’s Epistle – October 2013

As Seasons Change


            As October quickly approaches, we have entered a season of change.  The weather is changing and becoming cooler.  The fall mums are out in bloom.  Soon, the leaves will begin to change colors and the days will gradually become shorter.

For some the change from summer to fall is a welcome one.  They welcome the cooler temperatures over the blistering heat. They enjoy the scenic drives looking at the changing colors of the leaves.

For others, this period of change is a difficult one.  The shorter days and sunlight leads to some feeling down.  They don’t find joy in the changing of the leaves – but rather see this as the beautiful green plants dying off.  This is not a happy time, but a difficult one.

During times of change we often turn to the book of Ecclesiastes which tells us that there is a time, a season, for everything.  In reading chapter 3 verses 1-15, there is a verse that should challenge each of us, as Brethren and as Christians.

Verse eight reads “A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.” Does this not challenge what we as Christians should be upholding?  Does this not challenge the very things we heard about from Rick Polhamus?  We as Christians are to love one another – love our friends, family, neighbors, and even our enemies.

We are facing a time of uncertainty in our country.  With America on the fence about what action to take in Syria, there is war looming.  As a country, we see division in our views of war as readily as we do in our opinions of the changing of the seasons.

For some, this is looked upon as helping a struggling country get out from under oppression. This is a time for war….. right?

I challenge you to take another stance – take a stand for Peace.  This can be difficult when those around you may be rallying for war. It may be easier to go with the popular view and blend in.  You may think that one person standing out against hate, against violence, against war won’t make a difference – but it can.

You are not the only person feeling this way – your actions to take a stand will give others around you courage to take a stand against the violence as well.  Make your voice heard.  Share your beliefs that all war is sin and we should promote peace. Others will begin to stand with you, and together, we can take a stand to overcome violence with peace.      I’m not asking you to stand in front of a moving tank, like Art Gish, or stare down the barrel of a gun, like Rick Polhamus.  Just speak up.  Don’t blend in to the violence and the hatred.  This is not a time for hate.  This is not a time for war.  This is a time for Christians to unite and promote love and peace.

Will you stand with me?


Kimberly Szabo

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