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Pastor’s Epistle – What a chicken can do

Looking ahead to the month of August, one thing that stands out to all of us at Green Tree is the Chicken BBQ. This year it is on August 20 and preparations are already under way. The Chicken BBQ is a big event for our church. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun and you won’t believe how much good it does and how far that good extends.
Let me go over some of the things we might have forgotten. Obviously, the BBQ lets us get together over the table with our friends and family. It also gets us out into the community to meet and talk to people who we normally don’t see in church on Sunday morning and that’s always a good thing. However, the BBQ does a whole lot more than that.
Yes, it is a fundraiser for our church but the funds that come from this event do not simply go into the administrative work of our church. In the past some of it has gone into the efforts of the Green team to specifically reach out into the community and build bridges with each other right here in our church. Some of it goes to our Witness Commission who then designates worthy charitable organizations like PACS who do so much good in the local community. Sometimes it is used to improve our church facility which is a beautiful place but like anything, it needs attention from time to time.
On one occasion it did go into the general budget but that is certainly not a bad thing. Remember beside our local ministries, our church budget supports our church’s global mission efforts and that includes disaster relief efforts worldwide, aid to our agencies working with immigrants in Europe and the Mideast and help to displaced peoples in Nigeria. I could go on and on about the good that is being done by the Chicken BBQ but I hope you get the idea.
When you sign up to work at the Chicken BBQ (which I hope you will do) you really are doing God’s work. there’s no doubt about it. So be one of God’s hands and help us spread the goodness that comes from barbecuing chickens. It’s really surprising how much good a chicken can do.

Pastor Rod

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