Patchwork Group

Who they are

The Patchwork Group consists of women of the Green Tree Church of the Brethren who meet every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m between September and May.

What they make

  • lap robes
  • small & large quilts
  • clothing

Where the items are donated

  • The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center of Philadelphia
  • Birthright of Pottstown
  • Genesis
  • Haiti
  • local nursing homes
  • homeless center in Norristown

This significant ministry has existed for numerous decades and new persons are welcome to attend and help out.  There are only 4 people involved in the group at this point and they still manage to turn out an impressive amount of quilts and clothing.  These ladies are putting forth a huge effort into this project and do most all of the sewing and hemming at home.  The images below are just some of the items they made during the 2010 season.  All the items are donated in June.

This past year the group declined in membership from 5 ladies to 4. Even so, they got even more done than previous years. I find this to be an incredible display of their faith and dedication. All of these women are working so hard at the group and own their own at home, producing an average of 1 item per person per week.