Young Adults

The young adult group is currently on hiatus.

The young adult group is comprised of a large age range of young people led by the wisdom of Pastor Rodney O’Donnell. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freshly graduated high school student or a post
graduate with a job and family, everyone is welcome to join us.

New Windsor

The planned trip to New Windsor for November did not happen. We were asked to reschedule after the new year. This trip will still happen, so check back for new updates on when the trip will take place.
This event is open to anyone in the church High School age or older. The trip will take place on a Saturday and will take the duration of the day.

More information about the Brethren Service Center can be found at their website.

A Gentle Thunder

Max Lucado’s book “A Gentle Thunder: Hearing God Through the Storm” helps you work through whether God is calling you, how loudly, and what He wants you to do using real life stories and situations. There are scriptures and study questions for each chapter.

A Gentle Thunder Hearing God Through the Storm


The new material on Isaiah has arrived and we’re digging into this prophet’s story. Join us as we explore what we can learn from the book of Isaiah as we move through “Voice from the Fringe”.  Can you hear what God is saying to you?  Have you answered your call?


We’ve completed our studies in Esther with the the viewing of the movie version of her story. We’ve seen that her bravery and courage from God saved her people when they needed it most. Her story is truly a case where one person can make a world of difference.


We’ve recently finished up a series of discussions on fear. Led by passages from the bible and Max Lucado’s book “Fearless”, we investigated causes of fear in our own lives, and
what God has to say about our fears. Are our fears justified? What should we really fear in this world?

Please visit the “Connections” section of Green Tree’s website to view posts about recent happening.  The young adults have a category you can view!

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