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Remembering Rally Day

When I was a kid , one of the big days of the church year was Rally Day. It was always celebrated in September and marked the transitions from summer and its vacations and time away to fall and a return to our full schedule of lifetime activities – work, school, and obviously our church commitments. What Rally Day really was saying was “Ok, we’ve had a really relaxing summer; now it’s time to crank it up again for the Lord. He’s calling us to get back u on our faith bicycles (so to speak) and start pedaling again.”
There were Rally Day mailer sent out to every member and friend. There were special crafts and games set up for the kids in Sunday School. The choirs returned to action from summer vacation. The pastor preached an especially powerful sermon (hopefully) and there usually was lunch after service for everybody who came. (You need to remember these were Brethren churches where food is very important).
The Rally Day idea was a good one. It served the very valuable purpose of putting our focus back on being in touch with God, especially at church on Sunday morning and practicing our faith. I don’t see many Rally Days around anymore. It’s something that churches have moved on from.
Now I know that many of Green Tree’s people are working hard for Christ all summer. We’ve had a busy summer here with free car washes, Kid’s Nights, Movie Days, and our Chicken Bar-B-Q, but many of us have had extensive vacations (your pastor included) and have spent a lot of time away at the shore, or at mountain homes or at exotic vacation spots, or just away visiting family.
So now we’re back, hopefully refreshed and renewed, and Jesus is calling us to lug back in, to get back on the bike, or back up on the pony and ride or whatever metaphor you wish to use. You see, even though we don’t celebrate Rally Day anymore, it’s still a marvelous mindset, calling us to recommit our energies, our abilities, our skills as we demonstrate our love for Christ.

Pastor Rod

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