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Summer at Home

Last summer I wrote an article for the Greeter about how important it was to stay connected to God when we were away on vacation and how important it was to find your way into God’s house for worship on Sunday morning. Nothing’s changed with that. When we’re away on vacation, there’s no reason to be on vacation from God. Welcoming churches where God’s love is shared are everywhere you go – even Antarctica – so it’s easy to stay in touch because you can’t hide from God anyway.

Yet there’s a lot of us who don’t travel far from home. Some of us take our vacations other times of the year. That’s just fine, because in the summer there’s certainly no vacation at Green Tree. In fact, there’s so much going on, it could make your head spin, but hopefully it will just lift up your heart and make you smile.
Here are some of the events on the agenda:

1) Family Bingo Night – July 14
2) Ridgeway Brass Band Concert
– July 16
3) Kids’ Night – July 21 & August 18
4) Sunday Movie Matinee –
The Case for Christ – July 23
5) Free Community Car Wash – July 29
6) Free Community Breakfast –
Early August
7) Chicken BBQ Dinner – August 19
8) Give-a-Girl-a-Chance Talent Show –
September 16

There may even be some late additions to the schedule. So, you see your church is at work – reaching out to the community and building bridges with each other and making the summer at home a great place to be. The love of Christ is everywhere and even if we’re not at the shore, in the mountains or traveling on the roads, at sea, or in the air, we get plenty of opportunities to share Christ’s love right here at home.

Pastor Rod

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