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The Gift and the Giver – Pastor’s Epistle December 2012

Pastor’s Epistle

The Gift and the Giver


On Thanksgiving Sunday I shared a quote in the sermon by Lewis Smedes. He once said, “A gift always comes with a giver attached.” I then elaborated on that and said that gifts increase in value when we recognize the person who is attached to the gift. This is because we are not just receiving a gift but we are receiving a part of the person giving the gift and what they have to offer to us.

For many of us, Christmas is a time of gifts. We give gifts to others and we receive gifts as well. And when we give to someone else we are attached to that gift in some way on another. And when we receive a gift from someone else, that person is attached to the gift. We associate the giver with the gift.

For Christmas, 2012, my message is simple. God sent his son, Jesus, to this world. And he sent Jesus as a gift. And as we celebrate the birth of Christ each year, we also celebrate the fact that God gave him to us. God is attached to the gift of Jesus Christ and when we recognize that then we become connected to God in a deeper and fuller way.

I hope all of you will receive and give gifts this year. But remember one of the greatest gifts we have been given is the gift of Jesus Christ. And the One attached to that gift also gives us grace and peace. So as we celebrate Christmas this year, let us be grateful for the gift of Jesus Christ. And at the same time, may we be mindful of the One who gave this blessed gift to us.


Pastor Dave

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