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The Importance of Prayer

During the season of Lent, Pastor Dave will offer a class on the Importance of Prayer on four consecutive Wednesday evenings in the Fellowship Hall. The sessions will run from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. The first session will be held on February 29 and will cover the question, “What is Prayer?” Most people struggle from time to time when they pray because they are not quite sure what prayer is or what it is supposed to be or what it can be.
The second session will take place on March 7 and will deal with Prayer and Listening. Many times we think that prayer involves us doing the talking and taking our concerns to God. But prayer can and must be more than that. Sometimes when we communicate with God it is important to do less talking and more listening.
The third session will be held on March 14 and will examine Prayer and the Bible. Many prayers can be found in the Bible, especially in the Book of Psalms. And there are a number of methods of prayer that involve praying with specific biblical passages. This session will explore a few of these methods.
The last session will take place on March 21 and will examine the value of memorized prayer and other prayers. These four sessions on prayer will not cover everything but they will get us talking about prayer and hopefully they will help us all work at being good stewards of the spiritual component of our faith journey. If you plan to attend or have any questions, please contact Pastor Dave.

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