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The Rose Garden

It’s Spring and the flowers are blooming. Boy are they ever. Were you here Easter morning in our sanctuary? The flowers were breathtaking. They transformed our alter into a garden. Not only was it a reminder of the glory of that Easter morning so many years ago, it was a clear demonstration of God’s sense of beauty and the gift of this garden of a planet he has given to us as our home.
As Spring comes and slides into summer, the flowers are everywhere and hopefully help us to see God’s presence in our world and in our lives. We’re lucky here at Green Tree because we have a very special example of that. Our Memorial Rose Garden that graces the front exterior of our sanctuary is perfect evidence of God’s unique sense of beauty. Roses are a particularly gorgeous flower and when they are in bloom, our rose garden becomes a live painting-beauty almost beyond description-painted by a master, our master.
The rose garden hasn’t started to bloom yet, but it will. And even though it is not blossoming yet, the garden is a wonderful place to visit. Our rose garden is also a garden of memories. Each bush is dedicated to a loved one or loved ones. So many of our families have cherished fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons or daughters memorialized here and they are represented by a living testament to their life, a rose bush.
Personally, I much prefer coming to this garden rather than going to the cemetery. Here I am surrounded by life and beauty – a reminder of eternal life and the beauty of heaven that awaits all of us. I leave this garden refreshed and renewed and thankful to God for each living plant that has been dedicated here – a symbol of beauty and of a special life. If you haven’t done so, I urge you to spend some time in the garden. You do not have to have someone memorialized here to remember it. My guess is you will leave feeling glad that you came because you will feel God’s presence all around.
Pastor Rod

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