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Things to be Proud Of

Pride is not something we normally associate with people of faith. Christ has called us to be humble in His service so I am writing this with some fear and trepidation.
Pride has been the downfall of many. Lyndon Johnson was beset with a huge amount of pride . He had trouble admitting he had made a mistake so we poured thousands of our boys and girls into the Vietnamese conflict which turned into a national disaster in many ways, especially loss of life. That’s just an example of one danger that pride can create.
Now having said that, I cannot hide my pride in our church both locally here at Green Tree and nationally. As I look at it, we’ve worked hard at doing God’s work and I am proud of our effort. I’ll tell you what I mean.
I’m proud of the Property Commission. Earlier this month they (along with friends) spent Saturday making our church property gorgeous, fixing things that needed to be fixed and, with great care, creating an asset for the church from the beautiful stained glass windows from the former church building.
I’m proud of the Worship commission which works hard on making our worship experiences unique and God honoring – both by beautifying the sanctuary and by deepening our actual worship time together.
I’m proud of the Witness Commission which offers constant ways to both grow in our own personal witness and our outreach to the community by working with the Green Team. Camp Swatara weekend, Invite a Friend Sunday, Birthright Collection, PACS collection and the CROP Walk coming up in the fall are all part of their ongoing efforts.
I’m proud of our other commissions as well and there will be more about them next month. However, the thing I’m most proud of is our church – the Church of the Brethren and its response to the vicious terror attacks on our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. So far, the church has raised well over two million dollars. It has sent work teams, all forms of food stuffs, livestock, fowl, construction equipment, medical supplies, along with medical teams, agrarian specialists and teams of disaster relief workers. These efforts are ongoing – more help in the form of aid workers and needed supplies are on their way this summer. We truly have been Christ at work.
It’s been a wonderful response and Green Tree has been a part of it. I’m proud of that and I hope God forgives me for that pride.
Pastor Rod

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