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Water ice / game night

You think it’s hot now, don’t you. Well wait til the middle of July. You’ll be dying for relief and the Green Team has just what the doctor ordered for you. Mark the date down now—Sunday evening, July 20th at 7:00 p.m. It’s Water Ice and Game Night at the church. Is there anything more refreshing on a blistering summer day than water ice? How much of it can you eat without getting “brain freeze?” We’ll find out that night with our “brain freeze” competition. On top of that see how you fare at the Green Tree Ultimate Four Square contest. Only the best from their training at Camp Swatara have a chance. You’ll get to play volleyball and basketball and other outdoor games. For those who are better at table games, you’ll have plenty of them to keep you busy. The best thing about this is whatever you’re doing you can keep cool with icy cold water ice. So, mark the date down —July 20. Invite your friends or anybody in the community. It’s almost like Christmas in July.

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