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Wednesday at the Office

My favorite day at the church office is Wednesday. Now the other days at the office aren’t bad. There’s always lots and lots of little guys and their teachers working together at our excellent pre-school and that by itself is a ton of fun to watch. Then there’s Mary Raudenbush, our church secretary, bustling about, taking care of everything in sight–always with a smile on her face. Then there’s always people stopping in–some just to say hello; others with a pastoral concern. So all the days are good but Wednesday is the best.
Why–because that’s the day the Patchwork Girls (I guess I should call them ladies) take over the fellowship hall and go to work. It’s great to see them in action. They’re amazing!! They have a system and each one has a separate responsibility. They crank it up and its fascinating to see what they put together. They make covers with gorgeous matching and sometimes contrasting colors and designs. Some are actually works of art.
Now I don’t spend the whole morning with them–just a little bit of time to review the past week’s work. We call it “show & tell.” Clearly, though, it’s the best part of Wednesday morning for me because it’s a reminder to me that we are God’s hands at work in this world. All the covers that the Patchworkers put together go to charitable organizations or institutions where they are sorely needed. When we see the Patchwork Ladies at work, we’re seeing God’s hands at work and that should give us all a really good feeling.
Helen, Pat, Ruth, and Esther have been doing this work for a long time. Now Nancy has joined them and there may be more recruits coming. If you have Wednesday free, God could use your hands as well. Like Wednesday is my best day at the office, it could become your best day of the week too.
Pastor Rod

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