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  • Blessings Box

    The Blessings Box is now operational.  Please see the full page about the Blessings Box.

    Donation suggestions:

    • Food Items: Canned Goods (no out of date cans), flour, sugar, “Cup of Soup”, Noodles, Rice, Pasta, Boxed Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti Sauce (can or jars), Boxed Crackers, Cereal, Cookies, Dried Spices, Peanut Butter, Jelly & Jams, Boxed Jell-O and Puddings, Cake-Cookie-Brownie Mixes, Baby Food, Powdered Milk
    • Hygiene Items: Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Powder, Toothpaste & Tooth Brushes, Famine Products, Shaving Cream, Disposable Razors, Band-Aids
    • Paper Products: Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Tissues, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Depends
    • Cleaning Products: Dishwashing Soap, Laundry Soap, ...
    • Brethren Disaster Relief Auction Coin Project

      Thank you for your coins for others in need!
      Our pretzel container was filled with $266.45 for the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction that was held September 23-24. Let’s try to make it more next year!
      The container is located on the ledge in the foyer for your change. This container will be returned to the next auction. Thank you for your coins for others in need.

Upcoming Events

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