Sunday Service: 9:30am

Love Feast

In the Fall, I wrote an article about how much I missed Love Feast while I was traveling in Alaska. Well now we are moving through the Lenten season and Love Feast is on the horizon on Maundy Thursday. Thistime I’m not going to miss it. So, I ask the question, why is it so...
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Why We Do It

Were you there? I wasn’t. I was on a plane flying home from our Alaska adventure and I wasn’t going to be there for Love Feast…and it bothered me. That would make two Love Feasts in a row that I was absent. We had been away on vacation during last Spring’s Holy Week Maundy...
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Year of Jubilee

In Numbers 36:4, we see that on the Day of Atonement, the blowing of a ram’s horn would indicate the start of the year of Jubilee. The Israelites would dedicate this year as a year of rest to God, acknowledgingthat God would provide for their needs. The Year of Jubilee, which...
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